Writing a Thesis Statement — Purpose and Tips

Writing a thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of an academic career. It establishes a framework in which you are able to form the backbone of your entire dissertation and makes it easier for a university to approve your thesis.

When writing a thesis, you need to determine whether or not it should be based on research and facts or if it should be based on your personal opinion or that of a group of experts. For instance, if you were writing a thesis about a period of history when certain actions were taken by the government, in order to provide security, then a personal opinion would be appropriate, but if the thesis was about a period when certain actions were taken by the government, in order to protect a certain industry, the facts of the matter would determine whether or not the thesis should be based on personal opinion or facts.

There is another important factor to keep in mind when writing a thesis statement. During the original thesis writing process, if you are considering making changes to your thesis, you will need to bring these changes to the attention of the faculty committee on which you are working. The committee will review your original thesis and determine whether or not it meets their standard for acceptance.

If your original thesis statement is too general, the committee may not be able to accept your thesis. While your draft may be suitable for the committee, if the statement does not address the problems or issues raised in your dissertation paper, it may not meet the standard for acceptance.

In addition, there is a critical evaluation that is performed when a committee is reviewing a thesis. This evaluation includes the extent to which the writer used sources and evidence to support their thesis statement, the overall structure of the paper, the type of argument that was made, and whether or not the supporting information was clear and concise.

An important part of the written statement is its methodology. In other words, how the writer uses resources in order to support their thesis.

For instance, if the writer states that they used a number of books and sources to support their argument that the United States was the victim of Pearl Harbor, that may not be the best way to present their thesis because they did not actually source the source materials. This would leave the reader with a vague impression of the supporting evidence.

In order to write a thesis statement that has a good chance of being accepted, you need to be sure that you present the facts and evidence that is applicable to your thesis. However, there are many ways to do this, and one way is by using a summary statement.

A thesis statement is a sentence(s) in the introductory paragraph of any academic paper. When someone reads a written assignment, they need to understand its major idea. Thus, a proper thesis statement contains information about what the paper is about. Depending on the type of college project, it will answer the questions of why this paper was written and what the message you want to convey is. The language and any stylistic means used in the thesis statement is as important as the main idea itself. This way, when you're writing a thesis statement, it is expected to highlight the purpose of the investigation precisely. This way, if you are writing a research paper, your thesis statement is expected to highlight the purpose of the investigation precisely. Or, if you are working on a specific essay and want to interest the audience, a thesis statement may include a hook — tricky question or intrigui9ng fact about your subject matter.

Why Use Thesis Statement in Academic Assignments?

There are many different school projects where a thesis statement will be essential for writing. Actually, it can be said that any academic writing has a thesis statement in it. Otherwise, your paper may be considered unreasonable and pointless. What does a thesis statement do?

  • Conveys the aim of your writing
  • Sets the mood of the narration
  • Highlights the idea you will challenge/prove
  • May show the conclusions of your writing

Thus, as a rule, you can find a thesis statement in the introduction of the assignment to understand what it is about.

Thesis Statement Importance

The thesis statement is like a guide for the reader. When someone looks through your academic paper, the statement helps to understand not only what the writing is about but may show what the relevance and reliability of the assignment are. Without a thesis statement, it would be like reading a mystery novel without any clues. The reader has no idea what are you going to discuss and what the purpose of your work is. It would be like giving your audience the recipe with all the ingredients but without instructions about how to put them together and prepare a delicious dish.

As you can see, the thesis statement is the core of your writing, and you should deal with it diligently. Also, if you order a paper on academic platforms, make sure to indicate the requirements concerning your thesis statement to get the best custom writing. Usually, there is a special section for customers' additional comments.

Aspects to Keep in Mind

First, ask yourself, "what is the message I want to convey? What is the idea I want to prove or challenge?"

Make sure to use appropriate language — since, as a rule, you only have one sentence to state your idea, it has to be clear and to the point. There is no room for detailed explanation or doubts in the thesis statement. For that, you have the body part and conclusions. Keep your statement short and make sure it doesn't contain redundant information that takes up to the half of the page. Your thesis statement should be in support of only one idea.

Remember that your conclusion depends on a thesis statement a lot. Hence, you have to have both components before you even begin writing. To simplify the process, formulate the main idea and gather all the necessary information (your future supporting evidence) in advance.

An example of a good thesis statement

"People who engage in risky behaviors are more likely to contract the AIDs virus than those who do not."

This is a definitive statement of your argument and findings. If you write a persuasive essay on this topic, make sure to rely on research works, statistics, and other trustworthy evidence. To form your thesis statement well, you have to tell the reader what your side in the argument is. Then, you have to stick to it and come up with the conclusions that will convince the reader in the relevance of your thesis statement once more.


There is nothing more important to your academic paper than the thesis statement. More than just a sentence, it is the cornerstone of your assignment. It signals the reader what the intention of your paper is, what you are going to prove, and what issue you are going to investigate.

By giving the reader a roadmap to your work, you make the readers understand your narration better. It is difficult to write your paper without knowing what your aim is, but with a proper thesis statement, you can definitely succeed.